New! Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream - Review

If I learned anything from 2017, it's self-love. From mental health to physical, it's important that we are always looking out for ourselves and making sure we're 100% before giving to others. However, along the way I began slacking on my skincare routine and apparently, it showed. One good look at myself in the mirror after many months of just slapping on a couple products on my face and calling it good, I had to reassess the situation and get back on track. Nasty skin is a big no-no and it ages you too, no thanks. Here's where Shiseido's Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream comes to play. In the winter time, like most people, my skin needs a little more hydration than normal and I have to up my skincare products. I've never been a fan of lathering thick gunk on my face in order to maintain moisture, so stumbling on this gel cream was a blessing in disguise, and honestly, my skin has not looked better!

According to its website, Shiseido's Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream is an "energizing, hydrating cream for skin that glows from within." It is formulated with ReNeura Technology, which "acts like a reboot to support skin's responsiveness to your daily skincare regimen," and is without parabens. This product is dermatologist-tested, noncomedogenic, and mineral oil-free.

  • Weightless: With any product I put on my face, I request that it feels lightweight on my skin and this product did just that. Since it is a gel, there isn't much needed to be used and seeps into the skin with ease.
  • Moisturizes: It does what it says it does and without the unnecessary gunk feeling like most heavy moisturizers feel when applied to the skin. It makes my skin glow and feel refreshed. Also, it keeps the oils down. No grease-face here!
  • Fresh scent: Like all of their other products, Shiseido is known to have some sort of light fragrance in it. However, I throughly enjoyed having this on and so did my boyfriend! It's lighter than their usual floral scent, but enough to make me feel like I've stepped out of a calming spa.
  • Versatile: Lastly, my favorite part of this product was how easy it was to blend and mix with other products (i.e. foundation, serums, etc.). It acted as a great primer and barrier for my skincare and makeup routine.
  • Pricey: This comes to no surprise since it is a Shiseido product. At $48, this is definitely an expensive moisturizer, but the pros outweighs the cons in this situation. Also, a little definitely goes a long way with this cream; this jar will last you a while.
Final thoughts:
To my surprise, I was shocked how quickly I saw results after using this product within the first night! After a week, my dull and tired winter skin was glowing like the summer time again. As an added bonus, it never made my skin feel or look greasy while on. All in all, Shiseido's Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream does what it says it does. It left my skin feeling throughly hydrated and looking refreshed and glowy, even if I didn't have a full nights rest! Thanks again, Shiseido. You did that.


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