p2 Cosmetics Gel Look Nail Polish: Volume Gloss, Techno Chrome, Nude Benefit - Review and Swatches

Let me start off this post by saying that I am no nail expert. In fact, it took me until this year to learn how to properly paint my nails without getting the polish on my skin. So when a cosmetics company reached out to me to send complimentary care package of goodies to try out, I was both excited to add to my polish collection, but nervous of how this will go. When the box finally arrived at my doorstep, to my surprise, contained items from a brand I'm unfamiliar with - p2 Cosmetics. Sold at Walmart, this brand reminded me of a mix between Sinful Color prices, simple colors from China Glaze, and high-end packaging from OPI. I love it already.

Colors provided:
Guest Star (550), Geek Freak (270), Princess (010), Pure Woman (340), Bronze Cut (030), and Breakfast With Tiffany (030).

Straight from the p2 Cosmetics website: "A voluminizing effect thanks to a special plumping formula for the ultimate ‘gel’ look. The polish is formulated for a long-lasting, high-gloss finish while providing high coverage and perfect color transfer. It includes a voluminizing fanning brush for perfect, fast results, as the brush fans out on the nail, permitting application in one brushstroke without streaking."

  • Vibrant color payoff: I only had to use one coat... ONE COAT! No streaks and the brush is built in the shape of your cuticles, which means goodbye to mistakes. We're finally in 2018, ladies. Groundbreaking.
  • Quick dry: The one thing I hate most about painting my nails is the waiting that follows afterwards. Ain't nobody got time for that! Thankfully p2 Cosmetics has our backs; my nails dried within MINUTES! Hallelujah! 
  • Affordable price: You really cannot beat the $3.78 price tag! Salon quality without paying for the salon price; Essie, who? China Glaze, what?
  • Glossy, gel-like finish: For the longest time I didn't quite understand the hype behind the "gel look." But I swear, after using this I feel so ashamed using any other nail polish brand... None of them shine like these do (without top coat). Woo!
  • Long lasting: With most nail polishes, I see chipping that happens within the first few days, but not this! I got in a good 7 days (before I was itching for change, again). I swear I could've kept this on for 2 weeks without problems if I wanted to.
  • Limited color selection: Although there are the basics for each "line" of the nail polish collection, I'm ready for more! OPI will be shaking.
Final Thoughts:
I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed using these nail polishes from p2 Cosmetics! At an affordable price, their products proved to be of salon quality - I'm shook! This product is perfect for girls like myself; I don't enjoy spending too much time on my nails, but I like to have them looking polished. With just one coat (after base, of course), my nails truly looked like I had them done at the salon - my friends kept asking me if I had shellac done because they looked so glossy and opaque! 

So, would I recommend p2 Cosmetic's nail polish line? Yes yes, a million times yes!

Bonus Clip: (Breakfast with Tiffany swatch via Boomerang app)


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