Shiseido Refreshing Cleansing Sheets - Review

If you know me, you know that I am a huge advocate for having a solid skincare routine. However, there are moments where we are unable to access a sink to take off our makeup or refresh our skin in the middle of the day and that's where Shisedo's Refreshing Cleansing Sheets comes in handy. These are not a new product on the market, however, they're new to me and I'm glad I stumbled upon these cleansing sheets.

According to Shiseido's website, the Refreshing Cleansing Sheets are convenient, ultra-soft, 100% cotton sheets that maintain skin’s natural balance while whisking away the impurities, makeup and oil that can clog pores and lead to imperfections. They are quick, easy, instantly refreshing, and perfect for on-the-go.


  • Refreshing: I always find myself patting my face in awe with how clean and truly refreshing my skin feels after using this.
  • Pain and grease-free: Most wipes on the market, regardless of price points, always leaves a film on my face after use. These sheets however, don't! Also, as an added bonus, my eyes are not tearing up and my skin doesn't sting during and after use - a miracle.
  • Easy to use and removes makeup: To my surprise, I only had to use one sheet to take off the gunk from my face; waterproof mascara included! 
  • Fresh scent: Finally, a Shiseido product that doesn't have an overwhelming perfume scent to it; my sensitive skin thanks you.
  • Convenient packaging: Unlike other makeup wipes on the market, the packaging is sleek and keeps the product moist and ready for use whenever. It's also travel friendly due to its compact size - bonus!


  • Pricey: At $18.50 for 30 sheets, these wipes are definitely sitting pretty at the luxury-end of the spectrum. 

Final thoughts:
I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about these "cleansing sheets." In the past, I've tried Shiseido's Pureness Refreshing Cleansing sheets and hated them. Not only did it not remove any of my makeup, but it also stung during application. However, to my surprise, I'm a huge fan of the Refreshing Cleansing Sheets and I'm usually not one to spend so much on products like these. So, you're probably wondering, are these necessary to have in your vanity? Probably not, especially if you already have a makeup removing routine going for you. But, if you want to splurge and pamper your skin from time to time without the mess or grease leftover like other wipes, these are perfect for you.


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