BECCA Be A Light Face Palette in Medium to Deep - Review

I've never been a fan of palettes that are meant to be used all over the face. The reason being is that most of the products within the palettes are usually sub-par quality. So, when I had received the Becca Be A Light Face Palette within my #FlauntItVoxbox*, I was a little underwhelmed. The packaging was nice and shiny, but can that make up for the fact that I hate face palettes?

Claims: According to the Sephora website, the BECCA Be A Light Face Palette is a "full face, finishing palette infused with innovative Light Diffusing Technology that softly scatters light to blur, smooth, and even the skin, creating a photo filter effect in real life." The palette includes a brighten powder, blur powder, contour, and blush.

  • Pigmented: I've mentioned that I was skeptical on the quality of these types of palettes but was pleasantly surprised when I realized that just a swipe of the product onto my skin was already too much! You do not need to use a heavy hand for these powders.
  • Travel Friendly: You get your face powders, bronzer and blush/highlight all in one palette; I can see why people enjoy purchasing these things - it really saved a lot of space in my makeup bag! The case is pretty solid also, so if I was to drop this on the ground (closed) then I wouldn't be worried about damaging the products inside.
  • Blur / Brighten Powders: The powders within this set looks wonderful when you first apply them on your skin, however, if you're an oily-skin kind of girl like myself, this product is a nightmare with time, especially in the summer! I noticed that I had to blot and retouch my face a few times throughout the day in order to keep my face looking matte and/or demi-matte. It's too bad because my skin honestly has never looked better after powder. But the purpose of this palette is give yourself a "glow," so I get it.
  • Limited Shade Options: You can choose between "Light to Medium" OR "Medium to Deep;" how riveting. I was sent the latter and I honestly wished that there was an in between option because once summer is over, my palette will be too dark for my skin (and it's already pushing it right now).

Final Thoughts:

6 hours of wear and a bit of blotting later...
Although there were more Cons than Pros within this review, I still enjoy using BECCA's Be A Light Face Palette on a daily basis. It has made packing for weekend trips a breeze as well as putting on my everyday makeup. My only concern was the Blur / Brighten Powders in this set - if I didn't have combination skin (oily T-Zone), I would enjoy this product more, as well as a better shade option.

Will I purchase the "Light to Medium" palette for the upcoming fall and winter seasons? Probably not. But this was good for what it is in the summer time. I will admit I've been receiving more compliments of how "glowy" my skin has been looking, which is the purpose of this product (it's not supposed to be matte). But I can't tell if it's only because my skin is looking oilier that people notice a skin difference. Hmm...


*I was sent this complimentary product from BECCA and Influenster in exchange for an honest review. Thoughts are 100% my own.

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