Kylie Cosmetics Powders in Tequila Tan, Kitten Baby and Dreamin of Diamonds | Review and Swatches!

It's been a while since I last purchased a Kylie Cosmetics product and since I was already running out of my blush and highlighter and tired of my bronzer (Mac's Bronzer Powder in Matte Bronze), I thought "why not?" and purchased the latest release from Kylie Cosmetics - the Kylighter, Bronzer and Blush Combo in Dreamin of Diamonds, Tequila Tan, and Kitten Baby.

Right to left: "Kitten Baby" blush, "Tequila Tan" bronzer, and "Dreamin of Diamonds" Kylighter.
Kylie has a bountiful list of blushes and bronzers so why this set you ask? I had recently hoped back on Instagram at the time and stumbled upon the photo below. I loved everything about it - subtle glow and a flush of color. What more can a girl who works 8-10 hours a day, five days a week ask for? Plus, I already love her liquid lipsticks so what could go wrong with her powdered products?
Screencap from @KylieCosmetics instagram post from January 17th
Before we begin this review, please note that my face is currently a mix of Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra-longwear Foundation in 3W1 Dusk with a small pump of Maybelline's Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation in 320 Honey. My skin is currently transitioning from being a golden tan from my recent Asia trip to PNW's winter pale. Therefore, the closest reference I can give you to my current skin tone would be a small step up from Fenty's Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in 240.

Right to left: "Kitten Baby" blush, "Tequila Tan" bronzer, and "Dreamin of Diamonds" Kylighter.
Blush in "Kitten Baby"
  • Pros:
    • All-day staying power
    • Blendable and full-proof
    • Sun-kissed flush
  • Cons:
    • Non-universal color
    • Blotchy initial application
Bronzer in "Tequila Tan"
  • Pros:
    • Natural, sun-kissed look
    • Matte without glitter specks
    • Light, everyday bronzer
    • Blendable, full-proof, easy application
  • Cons:
    • Light application, non-buildable
    • Cannot be used for contouring
    • Fades throughout the day
    • Suitable for only light to medium skin tones
Highlighter in "Dreamin of Diamonds"
  • Pros:
    • Blendable, easy application
    • Universal color
    • Buildable from glam to natural
  • Cons:
    • Fades throughout the day

Final thoughts:
My everyday look featuring Kylie Cosmetic blush, bronzer and Kylighter
First and foremost, the packaging gets an A+ on its own. I adore the girly and pink theme and appreciate how each compact includes a mirror, which is perfect for daily touch-ups and traveling.

Next, as a girl who is always on the run but loves to look glowy and polished at all times, this combination of blush, bronzer and highlighter is the perfect set for my daily beat. What started off as an attempt to restock by makeup products, I'm thoroughly surprised with how well each of these items performed individually and together.

I will admit, when I first swatched the bronzer and blush on my hand, I was little underwhelmed by the colors and nervous of how it would look on my skin. I thought to myself immediately, "would it even show up on my face?" The texture of both powders were also very chalky out of the compact. Clearly, we were already off to a terrible start.

However, with much experimentation this past week with various foundations and application methods, I discovered that all three powders complimented my medium skin-tone perfectly and created the perfect post-vacation glow to my face. "Kitten Baby" blush transformed into a beautiful light coral shade and "Tequila Tan" gave me a nice sun-kissed look. However, I've noticed that the blush's application always appears blotchy and choppy at first and takes a couple seconds to really blend out the color for a smoother appearance.

Overall, these products outperformed my expectations by a landslide and even lasted a solid 8-10 hours before it began fading. It's full-proof, relatively easy to blend and perfect for those constantly on the go that need some color on their faces.

On that note, I will say that this specific set is not meant for everyone. If you happen to have darker skin (maybe even a golden tan too), stay away! These products will not show up on your face aside from the highlighter, so it wouldn't be worth your money purchasing this combo set. This also goes for those that love an over-the-top, full beat glam look. This set is meant to give you a natural glow and not chiseled cheeks or blinding highlight unfortunately.

So, what do you think? Will you be purchasing this set from Kylie Cosmetics? Have you purchased any of the Kylighters, Bronzer or Blush from her latest launch?


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