e.l.f. 16 Hour Camo Concealer in Medium Sand and Medium Beige - Review and Swatches! UPDATED

I owe you all a huge apology - I've been MIA for months. I will cut all the excuses and get straight to a review I should've written up about earlier this year when it launched. I was lucky enough to be sent some of the e.l.f. 16 hour Camo Concealer in January in two shades: Medium Sand and Medium Beige. I know what you're thinking - you haven't been posting, but you still get PR packages from brands? Yeah, I don't know why either, but I am forever grateful. But any who, after many months of experimenting with this product, I think I should have a good idea on my thoughts for this new (ahem, in 2019) drugstore concealer.

Packaging for e.l.f. 16 hour Camo Concealer in Medium Beige and Medium Sand

From the e.l.f. website, "A full-coverage, 16-hour wear concealer featuring a large doe foot applicator to conceal, correct, contour and highlight for flawless skin. The highly pigmented formula is lightweight, dries matte and won't settle into fine lines or creases. Ideal for all skin types."

  • Price: This concealer contains the same amount of product as its competitors but costs only a fourth of the price ($6).
  • Applicator: I didn't understand why e.l.f. was so adamant 
  • Coverage: e.l.f. wasn't lying when they said that this concealer is full-coverage. A little definitely goes a long way with this one and I can see this tube lasting me a while since you only need a swipe or two to cover up dark circles and imperfections. 
  • Finish: I've tried my best to hop onto the dewy/natural finish look that's on trend at the moment. But unfortunately, if you're a grease face like myself, that look is not cute on us after a couple of hours. However, I've noticed that after a long day, no matter how oily my skin gets, the areas that I've applied the concealer stay completely matte... Should I start applying this to my entire face now?

  • Formula: I'm the type of person that enjoys having my concealer "sit" on my face before blending. So as you can image, it was a nightmare the first time I tried on this product and realized that the war paint I had spread across my face wasn't blending into my skin at all and I had to restart my foundation routine all over again. Lovely. I would highly recommend blending this product in as soon as possible as it sets like no other concealer I've ever tried before.
  • Creasing: To all my sisters with bags under their eyes - although this concealer did stay on my face all day, the product eventually creased under my eyes after a
  • Shade Range: Even though I was sent two different concealers to test out, both were pretty light options regardless. Therefore, I can't imagine how the darker shades look like on my POC sisters. One of the beige colors I received was almost pure white on my skin and it wasn't even the lightest shade in the concealer range. 
e.l.f. 16 hour Camo Concealer in (L) Medium Beige and (R) Medium Sand

Final Thoughts: 
For how much this product costs, I'm not mad at it. It has fantastic coverage and oversized applicator. However, was it the best best drugstore concealer I've ever used? Definitely not. I would say that it's definitely a good dupe for Tarte's Shape Tape if you are ballin' on a budget and want a similar product to use. Overall, this could've been the perfect product for me if it was creaseless under my eyes. After 4-5 hours of wear, I noticed that the product didn't last as long as it should've on my skin; at least around my eyes. I didn't hate this concealer, but I didn't love it either. It had true potential to be the best, but I'll be reach for this product for nights out where I know I'll only have a beat face for a few hours max.

Since I had last written up this review, I've made a couple of realizations. It wasn't the product's fault, but my own skin as to why the concealer wasn't staying on my face. I've come to the conclusion that this product is best suited for those with normal to dry skin and not friendly for those with oily skin. For the past week I've updated my skincare routine (stay tuned for a batch of reviews on products that SAVED my skin), and in turn has properly hydrated my skin that it is no longer as oily as it used to be. Check out below for a photo of my makeup after 16 HOURS of wear. Throughout the day, I had moments where I was itching the corners of my eyes, but you have to admit, that's some tough staying power even though it's not perfect! e.l.f. I'm throughly impressed and will be recommending this product to all my friends looking for a good drugstore alternative to the Tarte Shape Tape. I sincerely apologize for my original review and would give the Camo Concealer a 4.5 stars out of 5.

RATING: ★★★★☆

What are your thoughts on this concealer? Does it live up to the hype? Do you think it's better than its luxury brand competitors? Sound off in the comments below!


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