Spa Night 101: Oil Cleansing, Exfoliating, Facial Steaming and Masks!

In a perfect world, we would give our skin a spa night at least once every week. But I'll even admit that I'm lucky to give myself one spa night in a month! Thankfully, self-care has been a huge trend during this quarantine and I've vowed to take better care of my skin during this time. I'll get right to the point and warn you that this routine is not for the impatient! In fact, you'll actually want to relax for this one and not just sitting around while scrolling through your phone. 😉 So turn on your tranquility playlist and lets get moving on our spa night!

1. Double Cleanse

  • Oil Cleansing - The purpose of this step is to remove makeup, sunscreen and pollution that your face has picked up throughout the day (i.e. sweat, dirt, etc). Use a wet cloth to remove the oil from your face and proceed to wash your face with your usual cleanser. Take this cleanse an extra step further by massaging the oil on your face for 15-30 minutes to remove sebaceous filaments, which are sebum and dead skin cells around the hair follicles (they will look like small black dots). By removing them, they will unclog pores that can cause breakouts and oily skin.
  • Second Cleanse - Straight to the point, this is the final step to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Wash with warm water and pat dry. 

2. Exfoliate

  • Using a gentle exfoliator, gently scrub in small, circular motions around the face while focusing on areas around the t-zone. This step will remove any dead and dulling skin cells without causing micro-tears to the face like a physical scrub would (i.e. apricot/walnut scrubs).

3. Steam

  • Prior to cleansing your face, turn on the facial steamer so it has time to heat up while washing your face. Once completed, begin steaming the face with a towel draped above your head like a tent to really steam the face. This step is meant to release toxins and soften the skin by causing the pores to "open," which will better allow products to be absorbed into the skin. 

4. Masks

5. Moisturize

6. Massage (Optional)

What are your go-to spa day products? Sound off in the comments below!


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