I'd like to think that my obsession with makeup and skincare was because of my mom (who just so happens to work in the industry now). In fact, the first encounter I ever had with the beauty world was when I was barely a year old and had discovered my mother's cherished nail polish collection somewhere within my reach. According to her, after leaving me alone for just 10 minutes, she found me covered head-to-toe in various expensive OPI colors with the biggest smile on my face. Needless to say she was furious with me and this was just only the beginning.

Thankfully, that specific situation only occurred once and I transitioned over to her collection of Chanel, Shiseido and Dior makeup products. From lipsticks to eyeshadows and even perfumes, I remember sitting at the bathtub beside her vanity and watched her put on her makeup almost everyday. When she would be off at work, I would sneak over to her room and played around with her red lipsticks, shimmery eyeshadows, colorful eyeliners, and occasionally, her very expensive skincare items. I'd like to think that she eventually found out I was doing this because I would go in there more than once a day to apply, remove, reapply, remove, reapply the same tube of red lipstick and black eyeliner. But, if not, this will be our little secret.

Soon enough, once I was in my early teens, and with much begging, I was allowed to put on mascara for the first time. This then slowly moved to foundations and eyeliner, blush and eyeshadow (who does their brows, anyways?) and the rest was history. Through much trial and error, and still to this day, I finally have my own collection of both high-end and drugstore makeup and skincare items I can call my own (sorry, mom!).

I started this blog once a while back and am finally ready to get back into my passions: beauty and writing. In real life, I am always the go-to girl for all makeup and skincare advise and I thought to myself, why not just document my beauty journey for all to see?

So, here I am. Hi, I'm Naomi and I'm here to give you my brutally honest reviews on various products. I suppose you'll learn more about me with each post, but for now, welcome to The Blissful Beaute.